Since opening our first outlet in 2012, people have been asking "Why the name Merely"? We figured that by adding a touch of irony to our branding, our customers would have a lasting impression, especially after tasting our delicious products.

Our aim is to debunk misconceptions that ice cream is full of artificial flavourings and additives. We want to show that delicious ice cream can also be made with merely common ingredients that one can grab off the supermarket shelves. All it takes is a dedication to our craft and a determination to craft our ice cream from scratch so that our customers get to taste the quality and freshness of our ingredients.

Don't be mistaken, Merely isn’t just another nondescript ice cream shop. Our focus is on quality and not quantity. We are devoted to making the best ice cream for our customers. While we may not have the widest variety, every flavour is individually crafted with the best quality ingredients our budget allows. For example, our classic chocolate ice cream is made with premium Valrhona Cocoa Powder while our pistachio ice cream is made with premium pistachios from Italy. Another major selling point is the unique mix-in and swirl in our ice cream which we painstakingly made from scratch. We guarantee you will definitely not find the same pleasure elsewhere!

From the interesting and colorful mural arts to the little touches of individuality in our outlets, we hope that every trip to Merely is a positive and fun occasion for our customers. Whether you are having a bad day and needs a cheer me up, or you are on a date with that special someone, we hope that a cup of Merely Ice Cream (or two) can bring about a happy feeling and create a fond memory that you can cherish for a lifetime. In fact we see our product as a form of happy food, rather than just Merely ice cream. *wink wink*

We believe in using quality ingredients in our ice cream

Positive and Fun
We aim to make every trip to Merely a happy and memorable occasion

We are devoted to making tasty ice cream from scratch

We open Mon - Sat, 12pm - 11pm.Closed on Sunday